Elouise Lane Quadros


" Elouise did two paintings from photographs I had taken of the canals of Venice. There were details on these photos that were almost indiscernible but they came alive on Elouise's canvas. She is brilliant! Her commitment to excellence and attention to detail is amazing!' Thank you Elouise!

Martha Barr

Mrs.Quadros is a hardworking art teacher. Every week she helps me with what I am drawing and how to change it or what technique to try. She only gives you suggestions never tells you to do something. She has taught me so much in just 2 years of doing it. Even if you hate how your painting looks she will find a way to make it look the way both you and her think is good. We get to do 3 drawings or paintings of each medium. Between that we do exercises. She is really a helpful teacher. One more thing as her grand daughter would say "tell me when we can get the candy at the end of your art class"  We get candy !!!!!!!!!!!!

 -11 year old

  Lucci O'Keefe

Art instruction with Elouise Quadros has been invaluable!

When my daughter Emily was 10, a teacher at a summer camp made me aware that Emily had some artistic ability and encouraged me to enroll her in classes outside of school.

I learned about Elouise Quadros through other parents in our community, and signed Emily up for weekly classes.

My daughter was unsure at first because this is a structured class, but within a few weeks she was not only enjoying the class, but I could see her talent unfolding.

Elouise’s instruction has included different techniques and exposure to different mediums.

She has been accommodating during the school year when my daughter’s schedule has changed due to seasonal sports.

Emily is now 16 and considering applying to art school.  She has come a long way and further than she would have if she had not taken classes with Elouise.


Carolyn Madden

Hollis, NH

As an eighteen year old, who will be graduating high school in a matter of mere days, taking art lessons with Mrs. Quadros since the age of nine has been a part of my life almost as long as I can remember. And from my nine years of experience, I cannot recommend art lessons enough for any child with the slightest creative inclination who’s ever desired to transform his/her hobby into a passion. Some of the mediums students learn to utilize in art lessons with Mrs. Quadros include, but are not limited to, colored pencils, pastels, water colors, oil paints, pen and ink, etc. The typical schedule asks for a student to complete approximately three pieces in each medium before moving on to the next. This process is a good way to orientate students to mediums they may have never heard of, or had been hesitant to try, before, and is a great learning opportunity. I have so many fond memories taking art lessons with Mrs. Quadros – it has really become a “home away from home” after all the years spent there! – and cannot recommend it enough for any other child interested in the field of art.


Lia Brouillard

My daughter and son each took art lessons from Elouise for nine years.  They looked forward to the classes each and every week, and under her guidance they developed tremendous skill in many art media.

With her small class sizes, Elouise gives personal attention to each student.  She starts them off with the fundamentals and gently guides them through their work with expert suggestions.

My daughter said it best when she told me, “Mom, Mrs. Quadros is such a good teacher, she could even teach YOU to be an artist!”

Janet Listowich Griffin

“I have been a student of Mrs. Quadros for over 4 years now.  It is no secret to anyone who knows her that she is an extremely talented artist and teacher.  The color and detail in her paintings are truly amazing.  Mrs. Quadros applies the same attention to detail when teaching. She is very well organized and is flexible when it comes to scheduling.  She caters to each student’s individual needs whether they want to take an illustrative or fine arts approach to their artwork.  Taking this class has made applying to college so easy for me as I was able to use the body of work I have created as my Portfolio!  I plan on continuing my growth in the future by taking some of her classes during college. Whether you are pursuing art professionally or consider making art one of your favorite hobbies, Mrs. Quadros can make you the best you can be.”

- Vanessa D.

“As a senior going off to college in the fall, I can say that I really am going to miss my art classes with Mrs. Quadros.  I started attending her classes around five years ago, and since then, my understanding, respect and appreciation for the visual arts has increased immensely.  Her teaching style lets us, as students, find our own style of painting and drawing and lets us experience a whole spectrum of different mediums from the basic color pencils, to oil paints and pen and ink.  She is exceedingly skilled in all of the mediums she teaches and is always there to help me if I have questions or when I’m stuck on a piece of work.  With her guidance and knowledge of the arts, it’s made me more passionate towards what I love to do and left me with a skill that I will carry with me for years to come.”

~ Aishwarya Ravi, Age 18


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